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The Most Popular Conference Venue in Adelaide

07 Oct 2016

Are you living in Gold Coast? Or do you want to organize an event in Gold Coast? Then you need to get some tips about few popular conference venues in this beautiful place.

Conference venues in Gold Coast

It may interest you to know that over the years, Gold Coast has been a viable destination for both conference organizers and holiday makers. They have so many beautiful areas like:

All these and many places are suitable for purely social events. Gold Coast is well-known as a tourist destination in Australia. Some of the exciting features of this place include:

Conference delegates from virtually all parts of the world see these as great places to hang out. If you will be having a short stay or you are coming for a conference in Gold Coast, you will really find it pleasurable hanging in any of these places- just come and get yourself highly refreshed and recharged.

There are so many conference venues in Gold Coast, each of them are particularly unique, and are ready to accommodate all kinds of seminars, business meetings or conferences. Some of these venues are in hotels, providing excellent catering services, social facilities, traditional architecture, dining menus and top rated audio visual aids to clients.

Below are some of the venues you can book for your conferences in Gold Coast:

Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort

Gold Coast city skylineThis is a reliable and highly sought after these function rooms in Adelaide which offers a wide range of facilities to intending guests including:

Many clients are happy to use their services due to their professional service delivery and moderate prices.

QT Gold Coast

This is a truly unique and brand new venue for most conference organisers. You will be exceedingly happy coming to this destination whether you are organising a small or large conference. QT Gold Coast remains an ideal place for the following:

Some of these rooms feature state of the art studio, natural light, ocean views, pool, gym, 24 hour room service, opportunities for social and team building activities.

Surfers Paradise Resort & Spa

This hotel is situated in a beautiful scenic place in Gold Coast- it is just a few miles away from the beach. Surfers Paradise resort and spa is particularly unique, because it is surrounded by dining venues and shopping malls.

Guests will be thrilled to use the hotel as a reliable conference venue. Some of the benefits you can enjoy using here include:

This conference venue in Gold Coast is the ideal for most local and international conferences. Guests will be happy having their meetings in this place.

We hope you gained something from this article? We hope you will try as much as possible to make use of any of these conference venues today?